our village

we make your life simpler

While the traditional market is still selling furniture the same way it used to decades ago, we innovate to adapt our product to the modern life.

By simplifying the whole purchase process and reducing prices, we have only one objetive: uncomplicated purchasing.

get inside your comfort zone

No more headaches. 

Once you enter our Village, you can relax. We take care of the whole purchasing process.

buying a sofa has never been easier

Purchase at significantly lower prices compared to the market.

Receive in two days, delivered straight at your door.

Test it for 120 days, and take your time to fall in love with it.

Protect your purchase with our two-year warranty.

less is more

Why we decided to offer a limited range of products? Because we believe that quality is the best way to deliver satisfaction to our customers.

We control every single detail of our products so we can provide the product and service you deserve!